Friday, 10 June 2011


Ready is a pure commercial movie so is the music of the movie. The songs may catch your attention at first but later you might not like it. "Character Dheela" is a chartbuster because of its lyrics and "Dhinka Chika" is famous for the Salman's style. All and all the music is good and for Salman fan's its a must buy. Prital is good as always. Singers also did their job well.

   Character Dheela
(Neeraj Sridhar, Amrita Kak)                                              [download Mp3]

   Humko Pyar Hua
(Tulsi Kumar, K.K)                                                            [download Mp3]

    Dhinka Chika                                                           [download Mp3]
(Mika Singh, Amrita Kak)                          

     Meri Ada Bhi                                                               [download Mp3]
(Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Tulsi Kumar)

      Dhinka Chika (Remix)                                                 [download Mp3]

      Humko Pyar Hua (Remix)                                      [download Mp3]

      Character Dheela (Remix)                                     [download Mp3]

      Meri Ada Bhi (Remix)                                           [download Mp3]


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