Shahid's gussa!!!!

Monday, 10 August 2009

Shahid Kapoor’s “Kaminey” is just knocking the doors of release, but the actor is not quite satisfied by the judgement of censor board who has given “A-certificate” to his movie. In a recent press conference Shahid criticized the board for being impartial to his movie, he said that if a movie like “Ghajini” can be certified with U/A certificate then why can’t his movie as both belong to the same genre. Shahid didn’t stop to this only he further commented on Akshay Kumar, he said “I’ve heard few actors requesting the audience to leave their minds at homes before coming to watch their movie but I request all of you to please carry your minds with yourself as it will be requiring in understanding the movie”. Now that’s called a daring Shahid. It seems as if he is inspired a lot from his movie character.


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