Tuesday, 7 June 2011

                    DELHI   BELLY (DOWNLOAD)

Delhi Belly's music is a mix blend of punk rock and desi beats. It's certainly a new genre being explored by new music directors like "Ram Sampanth", who composed the music for the same. The controversial song "Run DK Bose" has already topped the charts and quite a hit among youth. Other songs are good too such as "Bedardi Raja" and "Switty". Music is fresh and good, youth centric and pacy. Go for it.

Download the songs below.

                1.  Bhaag DK Bose (Aandhi Aayi  Ram Sampath)  

                 2. Nakkaddwaley Disco (Keerthi Sagathia ) 

                 3. Saigal Blues (Chetan Shashital)        

                 4. Bedardi Raja (Sona Mahapatra)

                 5. Jaa chudail (Suraj jagan)

                 6. Tere Siva (Ram Sampanth, tarannum Malik)

                 7. Switty tera pyaar (Keerthi Sagathia)

                 8. I hate you-like I love you (Keerthi Sagathia)


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