SRK detained !!!

Sunday, 16 August 2009

The day when whole nation is celebrating their freedom, this particular incident has shaken not only the film industry but the entire nation and the man in question is none other than the king of Bollywood, “Shah Rukh khan”. The news is that Mr. Khan was being detained for two hours at “Newark Airport” in U.S as a terrorist suspect because his name ends with the title “Khan”. Shah Rukh who was boarding a flight to Chicago to be a part of “Independence day function” has never ever thought in his dreams that he’ll be treated like this in a country where his popularity is nevertheless from any top Hollywood celebrity. The situation turned worse when his phone was seized and in spite of showing his identity, the security officials remain unperturbed. Shah Rukh was also asked to give all the details of all the persons whom he knew in United States. He was asked questions like why he visited this country, had he been there before too… Only after the interference of “Indian Embassy” into the matter, Shah Rukh came out from this humiliation. Shah Rukh even called his friend and congress minister “Rajeev Shukla” to prove his nationality and occupation. This is not for the first time that that any Indian celebrity has passed through this trauma, Irrfan Khan has been the victim of this thrice. Kabir Khan, the director of “New York” has also witnessed such kind of incident. Not only Khan Brigades but other Indian actors too such as Neil Nitin mukesh and John Abraham had to pass through this special interrogation. The whole nation is saying that it’s an insult to an actor, who is among the top 50 most powerful persons in the world, that too when it’s been given by an U.S magazine “Newsweek” only. The ministry of India has shown their serious concern on this issue. Shah Rukh later commented on the incident as “unfortunate and illogical”. According to Srk, this hasn’t happened to him for the first time. He said that he always tried to escape touring this nation because of few reasons. Though he said that he felt humiliated but he hopes that some day or other the U.S will change their attitude and their approach towards Indians in particular Muslims. The most ironical part of this incident is that Shah Rukh was in U.S to shoot his movie “My name is Khan”, which is co-incidentally based on this particular issue only i.e. The way Muslims were treated in United States post 9/11. Now this is called “when reel incident meets real incident”.


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