"Kambakht Ishq" review!!!

Saturday, 4 July 2009

So finally the wait is over for all the masala movie-lovers as “Kambakht Ishq” has made its way to the theatres near you. But does this movie really live up to the expectations??? The unfortunate answer is “no”, especially when we go through the hype and hoopla created by the producer and the actors of the movie. The thing which went wrong with this movie is the loose storyline. The movie which was considered in the genre of “Action-Comedy” fails to make an impact in both of these departments. The whole movie revolves around the stuntman, who is being portrayed by “Akshay Kumar”(hates female) and a super-model-cum-surgeon, who is being portrayed by “Kareena Kapoor”(hates male). The whole mess-up starts when an injured stuntman is being operated by Kareena and she mistakenly leaves her heart shaped wrist watch with “Om Mangalam” as its alarm tune in the stomach or intestine or some other body part of Akshay. As the watch was lucky and close to Kareena so she tries to get that back by seducing Akshay with singing a song for him that too titled “Bebo” (hope so “Saifu” didn’t mind that). And then finally they fall for each other. Meanwhile Akshay constantly call Kareena “Bitch” and Kareena honour Akshay by designation “Dog”. All this starts with a good note but due to the constantly repetition it starts irritating you. As far as acting is concerned “Akshay” carries on with his monotonous act which we have witnessed in his earlier movies too but still we like it !!! But for Kareena there is nothing much to do besides showcasing designer wears ranging from Versace to Dolce & Gabana to Armani (feels pity on the producer “Sajid Nadiadwala”). Music too fails to connect. Beside the title track “Om Mangalam” which is the combined effort of “RDB” and “Anu Malik”, rest of the songs are just harsh to the ears. The movie contains double meaning vulgar dialogues but with U/A certificate, it can be enjoyed with the whole family. Now let’s talk about the over publicized appearance of the “Hollywood” stars which include “Rambo Sylvester Stallone”,” Superman Brandon Routh” and “sexy Denise Richards”. These stars have just a blink and miss role except Denise which is there for quiet some time. It seemed like asif these stars are also not so much involved with the project. Not to forget the movie also has some Bollywood guest appearances too which include “Javed Jaffery” who loves being called su-er (not literally!!!) and Boman Irani, Akshay’s doctor. Wait a minute the film also stars “Aftab Shivdasani” and “Amrita Arora”…Actually it’s not my fault even you’ll forget that these two actors are also in the movie acting as a junior artist or side-artist (whatever you call!!). Aftab plays the role of younger brother of Akshay who is deeply in love with Amrita, a lingerie model and a friend to Kareena. Over all, this movie can be watched for one time to enjoy the popcorn and beauty of Kareena, along with some of the fine action sequences, foreign locations and some funny moments delivered by here and there in the entire movie.


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